Two 'go to' supplements that keep my gut moving while fasting.


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Aug 9, 2019
New Zealand
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Many people struggle with a slow gut and constipation while fasting or intermittent fasting. I'll keep this brief as I'm writing a long article on the topic. But, as a preview, these two supplements have been a lifesaver for me. I naturally have a very slow gut which almost made fasting pure pain, but when I am on these two supplements I am regular as clockwork, even on a 3-4 day fast. It's amazing.

Magnesium pills (ones with higher magnesium oxide content)
Of all the ones I've tried these are the best and also very cheap.

(not affiliated with any of these companies)

I take 1pill before bed with a full glass of water, and 1pill on waking with a full glass of water. The magnesium oxide is poorly absorbed and when in the gut draws water into the stool so things during your fasting do not dry out. Magnesium itself can also help with motility through muscle action.

And my second favorite supplement:

This probiotic increases my gut motility, resolves all bloating and adds to the bacterial bulk of stool. I take one before bed once a day. I used to battle SIBO and other gut issues and Securil resolved them all. This is after personally experimenting with nearly 50 different strains of probiotics.



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Oct 10, 2019
Carlsbad, California
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Water Fasts
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This is interesting. During my IF (or even longer 7+ day water only fasts) I don't have many problems in the way of constipation, after two to three days I just stop going.

I did some reading on supplements while fasting and eventually decided to try just a single supplement made by NewChapter. It is a once-a-day fermented multi that is very easy on my stomach. I never really thought about adding in any other supplements. Maybe I should give it a try.