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Swill I ams

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Oct 14, 2019
North Island
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Time Restricted Feeding
Body Stats
Pre-keto 64kg's and 35 inch waist, Now 55kg 29inch
1 year of keto lost me 9kg's and 4.5 inches 😎, now carnivore for 15 months and still working on the last bits and no doubt it's organ fat with nasties included. 🤨

Started fasting about 2 years ago after hearing Dr. Satchin Panda on a podcast about his work on Time-Restricted Feeding.
His simple protocol fixed 15 years of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in 2 weeks, something my docs couldn't and it was simple, free and easy to do.
My favourite 3 healthcare variables.

Also giving me the best and most restful sleep of my life and fueling my search for other recent developments in nutrition and the science around well being.

My mother was diagnosed at 56 with Alzheimers, I'm 57 and so have a great deal of 'skin in the Health game'.

I have 5 solid recommendations after my research:

1/ Daily fasting - Start TRE (Time Restricted Eating) immediately, it's simple and there's no downside, only health improvements like better digestion, sleep, mood and energy.
Only water or tea, straight (no sugar or milk) after 6:30pm Sunday – Thursday and Friday/ Saturday night eat whenever you like.
Don't break your fast until you're hungry, at the first pangs drink water and wait 10 minutes and if you're still hungry. eat heartily, aim for a 10:30am breakfast or longer.
For five days a week you're resting and rebuilding your digestive system. Aim for 16 hours of gut rest for a really good nights sleep Sun to Thurs (6:30pm to 10:30am).

2/ Blue light - Manage the blue light (any LED screens/ bulbs) in your environment after 7pm as you body will still thinks it's daytime and that's no good for sleep.
There are apps for phones and some monitors allow 'custom profiles' where 50% of the blue light is reduced. I turn mine on at least 2 hours before bedtime and have the apps set to automatically kick in.
As early as you can expose your eyes (no sunglasses) to 20+ minutes of morning sunlight to trigger the daytime processes, in winter especially. Over 3,000 genes are turned on daily because of sunlight or the lack of it, timing is everything.
Because of being indoors and using sunscreen there's a general population wide Vitamin D deficiency at the moment. Test your Vit D and if low use a quality Vitamin D3 supplement. Revised science suggests 8,000 - 10,000iu a day, minimum 4,000.
In summer and shorts an adult generates 30 – 40,000iu naturally from sunlight so don't be too concerned about alarmists who say 1,000iu is enough. Also get as much full body sunlight action as you can. An essential vitamin that on average, we're deficient in population wide.

3/ Low Carb - All carbohydrates are converted into sugar before they can be used by the body so if you're on a standard recommended NZ diet of 70% Carb, 20% Protein, 10% Fat it means 70% of you daily intake is sugar. Late age diabetes is at epidemic levels … is it any wonder? No, the science is quite rigorous about this …. it's sugar.
The ketogenic diet is proven to not only reverse but totally cure Type 2 diabetes in a majority of cases. If you're on a standard Hi Carb/ Low fat diet then get tested for glucose sensitivity, immediately.
Diabetes doesn't happen overnight but with enough sugar/ carbs for long enough it has an awesome chance.
Over 4 weeks transition to a Ketogenic diet until you're:
60% Fat, 30% Protein, 10% Carb – Carbs simple, nutrient dense and low oxalate as a precaution.
Ketosis is now showing valid scientific research as the brains preferred fuel especially relating to dementia, autism and other mental disorders like schizophrenia and bi-polar.

3/ Allergies - If you suspect you suffer from Food Allergies and long term autoimmune/ mental issues are sometimes a strong indicator, try the ultimate elimination diet. After the Ketogenic diet for 3 months transition to a short term – 1 month carnivore diet and the subsequent re-introduction of your favourite fruits and veges will help tremendously with this identification.
The carnivore diet is THE most effective elimination diets know as it eliminates wheat, gluten, modern additives/ preservatives, natural pesticides like Glycoalkaloids (potatoes etc), Lectins (Wheat), Phytic acid (Nuts), Glucosinolates (Broccoli etc), Phenolics, Cyanogenic Glycosides, Salicylates (Fruit) and Oxalates (Leafy greens).
I found I 'm super allergic to corn, onions, wheat … who knew … not me … for years. Now I know to expect itching, redness, flaky skin and blotches after cornflakes. Damn … I love me Cornies

5/ Longer fasting - Daily fasting is a must with periodic (quarterly) long fasts. Did my first long fast of 89 hours a couple of weeks ago and have been keeping more of a track of my fasting regularity on my new fasting phone app - Zero. Also simple, free and easy to use.😒 It also has a 'monks fast' which is 36 hours in a 8pm to 8 am the following day format which looks interesting.

PS: Cravings are really, really sneaky.
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Aug 9, 2019
New Zealand
Fasting Type
IF 17:7
Body Stats
72kg, 10.5% bfat, hoping to maintain 75kg 12% bfat
Good stuff! Welcome aboard. (looking forward to the off-topic 'petrol head' forum at some point in this sites future ;))
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