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Oct 10, 2019
Carlsbad, California
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Water Fasts
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220 => 155 (currently), 140 Goal
Hello Everyone.

I am 51 years old and last November I weighed 220 pounds, the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I am 5' 9".

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 5.35.30 PM.png

As a pilot, my daily routines are not very conducive to eating healthy all the time. But I finally made a decision to change all of that. I started IF and water fasting, light resistance work at the gym when my schedule allowed and walking. I later incorporated longer water only fasts over time and today I am sitting at 150 pounds. I am shooting for 135 to 140 which will put me at around 15% body fat. So I have a ways to go and I am working towards curbing my cravings.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved candy. Candy, ice cream, sugar. You name it, if it was sweet I ate it. When I was younger, weight was never an issue. When I joined the Marine Corps at 18 I weighted less than 100 pounds and had to get a medical weight waiver just to join. Five years later, I still only weighted 115 pounds. throughout most of my young adulthood I NEVER had to watch what I ate, it didn't matter, I never gained weight.

That all changed as I entered my late thirty's. I started to gain weight and while I did start to cut back on my sugar intake, the pounds keep creeping on until at age 50 I was 220 pounds, more than double the weight I was at 18. The last straw was a visit to my aviation medical examiner when he told me I had to go on blood pressure medication. I told him I had a better idea.
The next day (literally) I quit cold turkey. I stopped eating all fast foods, all processed sugars, all alcohol and went totally low carb. I started with a water fast, started testing my blood every few days and watching absolutely everything I put into my body. All foods went on a scale before they went into my mouth and I used Cronometer to trace absolutely everything so I could get a good baseline of what foods did what to me.

It was quite an eye opener. I stuck with a lot of salads, fish, some red meats, but mostly salads and fish (fresh, wild-caught fish). The more I did IF/Fasting/Keto, the better I felt, the more energy I had, and the more I was committed to hitting the 15% body fat mark.

Which leads to me to why I am here. I am looking for forums and sites that can help me to get to that goal and to associate with like-minded people in the process.

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Aug 9, 2019
New Zealand
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IF 17:7
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72kg, 10.5% bfat, hoping to maintain 75kg 12% bfat
Wow, what a result, you look great! Thanks for sharing this, it will definitely inspire people. It's amazing what can happen when WE take control. Sadly, many are controlled by food instead of the other way around. I have a cheat food once a week. On Saturday, we go to the local farmers market and I'll get a treat, that's it. I have friends and family that do that 3x a day. I said to my wife, I bet there are a huge amount of people that consume 200gms added sugar a day. 2 or 3 energy drinks seem to be the norm these days. I know what you mean about cravings, and I suspect these craving signals come from bad gut bacteria, that want that sugar and signal for you to feed them. A healthy diet can re-shape the gut flora and reduce those bad bacterial strains that crave sugar & carbs.

Anyway, I notice a lot of studies show many have great results from fasting but can't hold onto those results long term. I think this is where community comes in and one reason I started this forum. It needs to be part of your lifestyle and you need to be surrounded by friends which help keep that motivation going.