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J B Runner

Nov 18, 2019
Pacific Northwest
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To fat.
Fasting is part of my attempt at a healthier lifestyle. I put this in the lounge, because it’s not really about fasting, it’s about when I am eating and the challenges I’m finding... namely that I travel a lot and when I do I find myself in situations where I have to make do with less than optimal opportunities for nourishment. When I’m locked into going to a fast food place, so far the best I have found is to order something that has healthy components and eat around the things that aren’t. Sometimes gas stations have fruit like apples, etc but often times the quality is low. The gas station stops are much more challenging, because everything seems overprocessed and basically built around sugar. Is this really what normal society wants? Or is it because the stuff keeps forever?
Curious how others deal with these scenarios...


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Aug 9, 2019
New Zealand
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IF 17:7
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72kg, 10.5% bfat, hoping to maintain 75kg 12% bfat
That must be a massive challenge, especially with the dominant 'Standard American Diet'. If you build up a good tolerance to fasting you might not even need to worry about it. I'm at the point I never really get hunger anymore, my body just quickly swaps to fat burning for fuel. I'm pretty happy without food for 48hrs or so then cravings set in. I would probably fast during the whole travel period, then find a local grocer when I arrive at the destination. I'd say you're better off not eating for up to 36hrs vs. eating packet crap or fastfood on the go. If you have big crashes from lack of food then you just need more time to build up a tolerance. Get used to 16-18hrs a day, then throw a 24in, if that goes well tinker with the occasional 36hr. Then apply it when traveling.