Full body workouts post feed window + fasting seem to be the ticket!


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Aug 9, 2019
New Zealand
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IF 17:7
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72kg, 10.5% bfat, hoping to maintain 75kg 12% bfat
I got into 'full-body workouts' about 6 months ago after seeing some middle-aged guys like myself benefitting from it. It turns out, after a fair bit of self-experimenting, that the full-body workout approach + fasting seems to be a silver bullet of sorts. I also just discovered a drastic difference in the timing of the full-body workout. Just this week, I did some monitoring of my BMI, body fat%, weight & muscle mass. I pretty much dropped nearly a kilo in fat in a 24hr period with the following experiment:

feed window from 12am-6pm
full body gym workout from 7:30pm-9:30pm (by 10pm I was very hungry but carried on with my fast window)
woke up following day 10am to check body stats.

I saw the most drastic change yet, compared to standard full body workouts done in the middle of my feed window.

stats pre-workout 24hrs prior (kg)

weight 72
BMI 22.2
body fat% 11.3
skeletal muscle mass 30.5
bone mass 4.7
water 64.8

stats 24hrs later after evening full-body workout (kg)

weight 71
BMI 21.9
body fat% 10.1
skeletal muscle mass 30.3
bone mass 4.7
water 65.6

Such a dramatic decrease in body fat% I ran through the scale a couple of times. It did show though, I looked a bit more cut this morning on weighing in. Of course, this will take further investigation as it was a one-off, but I am hesitant to carry on as 71kg is light for me, I prefer 75kg so am looking to increase some weight this month. I'm just passing it on if anyone wants to try it.

Some things to note with full-body workouts. You need to be in top condition to pull one off with intensity. They can take me up to 2hrs (but I am 46, so younger folks may be able to burn through it faster).

I will put together an article on this, with my workout plan as soon as I can.