Inspiration Series: How Intermittent Fasting Transformed These 15 Redditors - Part1


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*Before you scroll further, some images may be considered NSFW due to level of skin showing

*Disclaimer: This Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website.

I've been visiting the fasting subs on reddit for years, and some of the transformations I see are remarkable! This is a huge motivator and I intend to create a long-running series on where our members and others can visually witness the potential of Intermittent Fasting and gain inspiration from it. It also gives us a concise page we can share with family and friends to show them the real-world benefits of an intermittent fasting lifestyle. Best of all, this lifestyle choice is basically free.

I would like to thank the redditors in this series for granting me permission to share their images and post their information. I will link back to their original reddit posts for those interested in their full reddit discussion thread. (Images have been watermarked due to people stealing my page content in the past and duplicating my articles.)

*some basic intermittent fasting tips (For expanded information feel free to post questions in our new forums): In a nutshell: There is no effort or expense involved to get into this, In fact, many people find they save money due to eating less and not snacking. You simply stick to a dedicated feeding window and you do not eat outside of that window (many intermittent fasters consume all food in a 7-8hr daily feed window, outside of that feed window there is no eating, you keep hydrated with water (zero-calorie black coffee and tea are ok). Try to eat healthily and sensibly during the feed window and find a bit of time each day to exercise. Feel free to experiment with your feed schedule. As a baseline, women should aim to achieve a 14hr daily fast and men 16hrs. Personally, I prefer 17hr or so and I stop eating each day at 5pm. I do not count calories and have maintained less than 12% body fat and high muscle mass for over 10yrs doing this (46yr/M). I once halted my fasting for a very short period and my body fat % rapidly went from 11.5% to 18%. What shocked me was this was without any dietary change. I went back on the IF routine and right back down to under 12% in no time. This was a real eye-opener and why I have decided to maintain my IF for life. It is also a key reason I started, the compulsion to share this with others and hopefully inspire people to adopt this lifestyle change. Commit to it for a couple of months and you’ll never look back. We have forum members that can support you in the journey if you feel lost, unmotivated or falter, and is also a resource.

One thing to note is that reddit posts can get lost in the mix or vanish, so I am treating this series as a locally hosted fasting results archive. I should be able to put together an article for this series every two-four weeks.

So, in no particular order let's get started with the part 1 transformations:

1. Summary: “1 year ago vs. today (270 > 145 = 125lbs M/37 5”10)”
“I didn’t start intermittent fasting until January 2019. At my heaviest i was just a bit higher than 270. December 19, 2018 I decided to make a change. IF combined with low carb and self control/consistency allowed me to lose all the weight I could ever imagine. I set a goal to hit 200 by May of 2019. I was going to be in my best friends wedding party and I figured that would keep me motivated. I didn’t think I’d actually hit 200, but any weight loss was better than none. I hit 200 the third week of April. I was astonished. So I set a new goal of 173 (which would put me just into the normal BMI range for my age and height). I hit that goal by the end of June. Today I’m sitting at 145 and trying to maintain. That’s 125 pounds in 9 months (have been this weight all of September and now into October).”
original reddit post:

2. Summary: “7 month update - 275 --> 184”
“Started in March with strict keto, fasting, and 5-6 days a week cardio. 26, 5'9".
"I lost most 75 in the first 3.5ish months but was starting to get really burned out, so I relaxed the dietary restrictions a bit (no multi-day fasts since July, less strict about keto, still do OMAD). Just passed the 90 pound mark the other day, this morning was 91. I can truly say IF has changed my life...GW is probably 150-160. It was so hard just getting around and fitting into things at 275. Plus I would sweat all the time. In the left photo I was actually 250, I never felt comfortable enough taking a picture at 275."
Original reddit post:

3. Summary: “My MARVELous year! As I sit here having bought my 5th wardrobe in a year, I decided to take a comparison shot in a shirt of my favorite super heroes. Down 175 pounds and finally starting to reveal my secret identity...or maybe I'm getting my super hero costume?”
Original reddit post:

4. Summary: “There is no doubt in mind that Intermittent Fasting has changed my lifestyle. 250 to 178 in a year. I want to share my results and offer advice/help as much as I can since reddit did the same for me when I started!”
Original reddit post:

5. Summary: “Down 80 pounds, 250 to 170. Fast 3 days per week.”
Original reddit post:

6. Summary: “320 to 180 over 18 months. 20 lbs to go!”
“Every other day fasting for 6 months. Then 500 calories dinners ( as my only meal ) Monday Wednesday Friday. While on Tuesday Thursday Saturday I would skip breakfast and lunch and eat normally for dinners. Sunday is freaking cheat day!”
“I did at home workouts. Sit ups, pushups, walking and running. Not much. Never more than 30 minutes a day total.”
Original reddit post:

7. Summary: “RIP my moobs, but hello to my new guns 💪🏽
“fasting hours Mon- Thursday with lunch being my last meal of the day fasting until breakfast the next day usually resulting in an 80 to 20 hour fast 4 days a week.”
Original reddit post:

8. Summary: “Weighed in today! 5lbs to my goal!! IF changed my life!!”
“started 190, currently 155 goal weight 150 and tone”
“usually 18-20 hrs IF daily”
Original reddit post:

9. Summary: “M/28/5'11" [258lbs -> 175lbs = 83lbs over 1yr] 6 months VLCD (very low calorie diet) CICO (calories in calories out) transitioned to 6 months IF (intermittent fasting) (OMAD -one meal a day), and gym 3 days a week. My mind is clear, I have control of my body.”
Original reddit post:

10. Summary: “In Ramadan i fasted for like 15 hours a day and carry the same workout. once Ramadan finished i carry the same routine with me afterward only when i was swimming for an hour straight i sometimes drink water”
Original reddit post:

11. Summary: “3 years since I hit the gym, 2 years since I’ve done IF. Just stuck with it, If my lazy ass did it; you can too. -120lbs”
“Its not all looks! So many more benefits than that! How you move, how you think, it all changes.”
Original reddit post:

12. Summary: “Face gains after about a year of keto/IF. Down 65lbs with more to come!”
Original reddit post:

13. Summary: “My 140lbs 16 month transformation (320 -> 180) (16:8 IF)”
Be sure to read his top comment, a page of details on how he achieved his goals:
Original reddit post here:

14. Summary: “So Like two weeks ago I post my 3 months progress and there is a another one.I lost some kg up to last time. This is 155kg to 125kg”
“I’m doing usually 20:4 18:6 or omad some days”
Original reddit post here:

15. Summary: “M/26/SW:242/CW:210/GW:185 I been on the 16:8 for few months after a rough breakup got me sick and stressed and to be fair I think it’s working! Woo!”
Original reddit post here:

Thanks for stopping by, and again thanks to the above redditors, keep up the great work!

There are share links in our sidebar and under the article. I hope these visuals can inspire others to give this lifestyle a chance. I’m only 46yrs old and am already losing many friends to ill health (in most cases obesity and the health implications that can go with that). This truly simple and free intervention can make all the difference.

If you would like to join our new community, head over to our forums where you will find links to register.
The first 100 members get a lifetime “Foundation Member” badge.

Take care! 💪

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