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FASTING.CHAT has opened the doors this October with a 'quiet launch'. This means we are keeping things a bit low key while we finish out the site build. As of now, the Forums are fully functional, so feel free to register and start posting (our register link is near the top right of the site menu).

Progress report:

Today we have launched our Home page article system and plan to add new fasting content daily. Likely a mix of original content and research. If you are interested in writing fasting related articles for us please contact us.

This coming weekend we hope to finish up our 'fasting profiles' system. I'm pretty excited about this new profile system. It will allow our members to document their fasting routines, nutrition, exercise, report on progress, post progress photos, alert followers that they are partaking in a fast and your profile can have a live fasting timer. Overall, members can view a status page and see who is updating and taking part in fasts. This will make it easy to watch, be inspired or chime in and support our members during a fast.

Once we finish out the profiles system we will begin a marketing push to draw in more members. I run other large forums and I know things can be quiet in the early days, but once that critical mass is achieved we'll have a lot of fun.

Why fasting forums? Well, I happen to be a big fan of forum systems and niche communities. I find it easy to get lost in the mix in socials and hard to build long term friendships. In socials, someone posts and within minutes it can be gone forever. In a forum community, a post can last for years and evolve in a myriad of interesting ways. In forum systems, you begin to know the membership and be a part of something together, not just a tiny speck among millions of users. I dabbled in various social medias and large health boards but felt a dedicated fasting community would be worthwhile to a lot of fasting beginners and enthusiasts.

That's all for now. Stay tuned! (y)

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I am the founder of and an avid faster for over 10yrs. I love learning more about health, nutrition and fasting. I hope this venue plays a part in bringing more awareness to the benefits of fasting.